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Products & Services We Offer
1. Art Consultancy - including but not limited to Indian, South Asian & related art.

2. A wide variety of work in fine art media including photography & digital medium.

3. Educational Consultancy including Teacher Training & Curriculum Development in the areas of ESL, Bilingualism, and Mathematics--all levels.

4. Exhibition designing and curatorial services in all areas of 2D fine art - specializing in Printmaking & Indian/South Asian art.

5.Portfolio preparation & graphic design support for visual artists.

6. Special focus & expertise in various areas of design and illustration support for Indian tradition, arts and culture related sites, occasions, events and organizations.

7. Traditional & folk art, craft and textiles handcrafted in India - offered occasionally.

8. Unique Greeting Cards featuring original photographs & artwork.

9. Website design, graphic design support & consultancy for individuals & small non-profits in the arts.

10. Yoga classes. Jala Neti (salt water nasal rinse) Demonstration/Workshop.

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