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Bringing Avinash Home

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Our son has come to us through adoption from Kerala, India, in 2001
Avinash dressed in Dhuti for going to listen to his first Indian classical music concert, May 2002, Albuquerque, NM
July 2001 at SKB, Kerala. Photo by Deb Dryer, one of the India Adoption Coordinators at Children's Home Society of Minnesota
Referral Papers: Avinash's first picture, probably taken somewhere between January & February, 2001, when he was just a new born or about a month or so old. Even before we saw this image, when we just heard of him, we felt very strongly that our son had finally found us. Then as soon as we saw this picture and heard his name for the first time, which happens to be Sudeshna's grand father's name - the whole universe started to make sense in a way that we had never known before.
May 2001, four months old at Sishu Kshema Bhavan nursery, Kanjirapally, Kerala
August, 2001, first meeting at SKB nursery, Kanjirapally, Kerala
July 2001, back from Cochin nursery to SKB after receiving local VCA clearence/scrutiny so that adoption/guardianship papers could be filed at the family court in Cohcin
At home with Baba, December 2001
With favourite Indian toy, 13 months old, February 2002
June 2002
August 15, 2002, on the Independence Day of India, we became fully official as a family. We were required to finalize our adoption at our local court to complete the process. Seen here, from top, with our attorney, Monica Zamora. Middle and bottom pictures, inside the court room with judge Ritter after he declared Avinash our son, according to the adoption laws of the state of New Mexico. No more post placement visits by social workers, no more paperwork to worry about -- we are finally official!!!
June, 2002
Christmas Morning 2002
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