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The images shown on this page are a few examples of Sudeshna Sengupta's dye paintings on silk and digital compositions that echo similar textures and forms. The compositions in this series are inspired by various marks, petroglyphs, pictographs and textures found on ancient rocks in the southwestern region of the US and throughout the world. The digital compositions as well as archival images of some of the silk originals are available as digitally printed limited edition images. These prints are not commercial reproductions, but printed by the artist herself using pigment based archival ink on specially treated watercolor paper. The prints are available either framed or unframed and the silk paintings are available framed under acrylic glass for exhibition or for purchase.

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This is primarily a digital composition -- not a digital version of a pre-existing silk painting. Archival quality prints of this digital composition are available in 11"x15" (print size) and 16"x20" (framed size).
Original silk painting size 20"x32" (framed)
Original silk painting size 18"x24" (framed). Archival quality digital prints of this image are available in several sizes.
Original silk painting size 24"x36" (framed)
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Most of these images are available in various sizes and are priced from $35 to $575, depending on the size, framing options and whether the image is an one-of-a-kind original or is one of a limited edition.

Please contact us to inquire about specific images.

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