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This page will feature some of the images from Sudeshna Sengupta's ongoing series of digital and mixed media collages. Expressed through a diverse range of styles and techniques, a common Indian element that runs through the series, often comes from and addresses the realities of the bilingual and bi-cultural life experiences of the Bengali, and Indian diaspora in general. Drawings from old sketch books from her student days in India often appear in these images like fragments of memories, combined with bits and pieces of Bengali words, texts and translations from Bengali literary work that has shaped her as an individual and continue to remain at the core of her creative expressions.
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This digital collage contains part of a poem titled "Janma Katha" (Birth Story) by Nobel Laureate (Literature 1913) Rabindranath Tagore.

Sudeshna has added her translation of this poem to this composition along with her sketch and published it on her son's recent birthday, celebrating the special beauty of parenthood through adoption. It is also a Mothers Day tribute to her mother, Mrs. Latika Sengupta, who used to recite this poem to her when she was a little girl and introduced Tagore's work to her and her siblings in the formative years of their early childhood. Like many Benglees, the early exposure to such language and literary treasures is one of their most valuable childhood gifts.

The limited edition archival prints of the digital collage "JanmaKatha" (Birth Story), are available in several sizes (largest image size being 12"x18" and the smallest being 8"x11" approximately). The individual prints are priced from $20 to $175, depending on the size and matting/framing options.

These are not commercial reproductions, but printed by the artist/printmaker herself on specially treated 100%cotton watercolor papers using pigment based ink that has a much longer life span compared to many traditional mediums.

Please contact us for further details.

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