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Shown here are some more examples of the photographs from a portfolio containing a series of Stephen DeGiulio's photographs and digital interpretation of photographic images from Santiniketan, India. The rest of the images shown on this page were originally photographed by Dr. Gautam SenGupta.

Each of these archival quality images is digitally enhanced and printed in a limited edition using pigment based ink on specially treated watercolor paper, in collaboration with painter/printmaker, Sudeshna Sengupta. They are not commercial reproductions.These very high resolution prints with rich colors and details are available in several sizes (the largest image size being 12"x18" and the smallest being 8"x 11" approximately), and are available fully framed, matted only, or unframed. They are available in sets or as individual pieces for exhibition and/or purchase.

We particularly welcome opportunities for showcasing this series in not-for-profit and educational settings and sharing the diverse nature of the subject matter of these images with a wide range of audiences.

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