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Stephen DeGiuio's interest in photography developed from years of frequenting the second-hand bookstores, museums, and art galleries of Manhattan, NY, while working in the field of language and literature education and educational publishing. His photographic work reflects his love for nature and gardening, and his concern for the environment and cultural diversity.

In addition to the images of nature in southern California and of the desert southwest, one of his newer series is based on images taken during his recent trips to India. Most of these images were shot in and around Kolkata (Calcutta). They offer glimpses of everyday life in an amazingly alive metropolis in which intriguing contrasts of the old and the new, of luxuriously relaxed opulence and the struggle for survival can exist side by side in a diverse society with an unpretentious, laid back attitude. For example, in the heart of a residential neighborhood in South Calcutta, an abandoned old house, taken over by tropical plants and waiting to be demolished, provided wonderful photographic opportunities for capturing the subtle interplay of light and shadows on its architectural details.

Another series depicts open air classes and other scenes from the beautiful campus of the international university, Visva Bharati at Santiniketan, founded in the early 20th century by Nobel Laureate (Literature) Rabindranath Tagore. Its idyllic setting is strikingly picturesque, with lush green trees, red soil, and a distinct architectural style that is harmonious to its natural environment and the traditional Indian character. Founded on the basis of the ancient Indian tradition of learning as a way of life, and to counteract the rigidity of the British colonial education in India at that time, this university has developed into a major center of learning, drawing students and scholars from all over the world.

A series of work consisting of Southern California flowers is in the permanent collection of Hampton Inn in California. DeGiulio has also had solo exhibits at a few locations including the Palo Verde Museum in California, and participated in several group exhibits in California and in New Mexico. His original photo greeting cards depicting natural and cultural landmarks of the American Southwest have been collected widely in recent years.

He lives with his wife of 12 years, Sudeshna Sengupta, and their toddler son in New Mexico where he is an Associate Professor of English, ESL and Linguistics at New Mexico State Unviersity-Alamogordo.


Painter/printmaker and textile artist, Sudeshna Sengupta has studied art for seven years at Visva-Bharati University at Santiniketan, receiving her Bachelors degree in Painting in 1983 and Masters degree in Graphic Arts in 1985.

Recipient of such awards and honors in the US as the "Artist Trust" fellowship in 1990; Ann Flanegan/Jerome Foundation Fellowship in Printmaking at Kala Institute, Berkeley; Artist-in-Residence fellowship at Pratt Fine Arts Center; etc. Ms. Sengupta has exhibited her work internationally. She has been participating in juried as well as invitational shows since the eighties. Soon after completing her Master's degree, she was invited by Galerie Grambihler, Paris, to be one of the three artists representing India at the "Triennale de la Gravure," held in several major cities in France, Germany and Norway during '87 -'89. Since then she has continued to take part in invitational international exhibits including the "Cinquieme Trinenale Mondiale D'estampes 2000", for which she also curated the New Mexico and Native American sections. Currently she is preparing for the 2003 Triennale. Her etchings have been featured and cataloged along with etchings and dry-points of Picasso and Durer and have been collected in museums and galleries in the US, India and Western Europe, including the Association Musee d'Art Contemporain, France; and the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.

Since the mid eighties, she has taught art at college level in New Delhi, Seattle, and California and from '94 to '02 she taught at New Mexico State University at Alamogordo, where she established its first intaglio printmaking studio and program in 1995, introduced new courses in the areas of Textile Surface Designing, and redesigned course material for Color Theory, 2D Design, Painting and Drawing.

Trained in the areas of traditional printmaking (etchings, wood-cuts, etc.) as well as in oils and waterbased painting, Ms. Sengupta has constantly engaged herself in learning and exploring new mediums and avenues in her artistic career, widening the variety of painting and graphic mediums she works with which includes watercolors, surface designing and painting on silk, drawings, mixed-media collage, and most recently, digital tools.

She currently lives in New Mexico with her husband, Stephen DeGiulio, and their son whom they adopted in 2001 from Kerala, India. She has published the digital collage (above) containing a part of Rabindranath Tagore's poem, "Janma Katha" (Birth Story) on their son's recent birthday, celebrating the special beauty of parenthood through adoption. It is also a Mothers Day tribute to her mother, Mrs. Latika Sengupta, who used to recite this poem to her and introduced Tagore's work to her and her siblings in the formative years of their early childhood.

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